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 +====== Cards ======
 +In simulation, cards are basically the well-known playing cards or any other playing-card-system which is capable of being used in the aesthetic mean simulation, for instance, the concept of the collectable card game, which is influenced by RPG. Systematically speaking, they are a set of cards identical in format and dimension, which represent by different imprints a modular system of abstract things such as objects, persons, abilities or events; these are well suited to be used in a simulation work, whereby also their spatial position on a game board, the positioning on stacks or other handling can be a parameter. Other items, such as coins placed on cards, may also have a meaning.
 +===== Structure =====
 +Cards are rectangular,​ mostly made of thin cardboard, more rarely of plastic, and their front is usually unique within a set of cards, and defines the cards value and properties. The reverse side, on the other hand, is typically homogeneous so that inverted cards cannot be distinguished from each other. There are, however, deliberate exceptions to this, such as several players having cards with different colours on the reverse side, so that when the card is upside down, the image on the front remains concealed while the player'​s affiliation is known.
 +Compared to other physical simulation materials, specific playing cards that are not standard products can be produced cheaply and easily in small batches. Prefabricated stencils are sold, which can be printed with a standard printer. After drying, the cards are removed from the perforated frame of the stencil and can be used.
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